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And if you like reading more than writing search for books and compare prices at

That’s what killerstartups says about the site: is a site where bookworms and intellectuals can search for the books they want and compare prices from all over the internet. If you are a both a book lover as well as a bargain hunter, check this out.

This website is ranked 69,069 out of the top 1,000,000 websites.


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Launch your browser with Symbaloo. Instead of typing URLs or poring over a list of bookmarks, you visually scan a wall of icons that contain links to your favorite sites. Clicking an icon goes to a preset URL. More important, Symbaloo users can create customized walls of icons — they call them webmixes– tied to a specific topic. Symbaloo is a privately funded startup founded in the Netherlands in 2007

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Bright Hub’s goal is simple: share knowledge about how the simplest scientific idea evolves into tomorrow’s technology. Informative articles provided by an expert writer network and an active community of life-long enthusiasts.
Science and Technology – together they weave an indelible fabric that touches all of us. From advances in medicine to the construction of hybrid vehicles to the freedom of mobile computing — science and technology impacts our work, our play, our lives…

Audio-Visual Navigation By Andreas Lutz

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Try it yourself:

Thanks again: Prof. Dr. Roland Riempp, Mario Dold, Henni Goetsch, Anna Schoderer, Unit B @ SV, Vatsala Murthy, Tim Sobczak

Credits: Hochschule Offenburg (, Scholz&Volkmer (

Incredible trailer soundtrack: Professor Kliq (

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