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Dont Fear The Internet Dot Com

Posted in blog, Media, web, your take on... by aldorf on August 11, 2011

American duo Jessica Hische and Russ Maschmeyer. Their site Don’t Fear the Internet is a really great beginners’ guide to the fundamentals of web design, practical but in no way patronising. (via itsnicethat)











Are you a print designer, photographer, fine-artist, or general creative person? Do you have a shitty website that you slapped together yourself in Dreamweaver in that ONE web design class that you took in college? Do you not have a site at all because you’ve been waiting two years for your cousin to put it together for you? Well, we’re here to help. We know that you have little to no desire to do web design professionally, but that doesn’t mean that you want an ugly cookie-cutter site or to settle for one that hasn’t been updated since Hackerswas in theaters. Through short tutorial videos, you’ll learn how to take a basic wordpress blog and manipulate the css, html (and even some php!) to match your aesthetic. You’ll feel empowered rather than crippled by the internet and worst case scenario you’ll at least end up having a better idea of how professional web designers turn your design dreams into a reality on screen.

New Search Tool – Flights Worldwide

Posted in web by aldorf on September 29, 2010

A new service that makes it easy to find the right flight, thanks to its drop dead simple visual interface.

Startup Showcase NYC With Tim O’Reilly And Fred Wilson Tonight

Posted in ideas, web by aldorf on September 29, 2010

If you are in New York hurry up. It starts at 4:50p today as part of the Web 2.0 Expo at the Sheraton in Midtown. Winning picks will get a chance to pitch their idea and discuss it for 10 to 15 minutes with Fred and Tim. If you are not in town just take a look at tonights competing startup’s. An interesting mix of new concepts and ideas.

– – Aprizi

– – Beebuzz

– http://www.civiguard.comCiviGuard, Inc.

– – Credit Coach, Inc

– – Diaspora

– – Entrustet

– – food52


– – Honestly Now Inc.

– –

– – HowAboutWe

– – Intersect

– – Itizen

– – Lifesta

– – MindSnacks

– – Naama Networks

– – NabeWise

– – Ninite

– – Outlier

– – Roadify Inc.

– – SaneBox

– – SocialFlow

– – StorageByMail

– – Tactical Information Systems

– – Taskforce

– – The Comet

– – SoBi – The Social Bicycle System – Usergenerated Trend Lists

Posted in web by aldorf on August 20, 2010 is a site for those who need to determine how popular any concept is over another at any moment in time. On the site, anybody can either check already-existing trend polls between current concepts, or suggest a trend poll himself in case he has caught wind of something right before the rest got wise. Of course, the user might just want to know something very concrete that has got nothing to do with the degree of current popularity of a concept, but rather with its universal acceptance or perception.

What they say: “ is an online, user generated trend list that you can access from any device which has an internet connection. Everything on is submitted by our community. Once a trend poll has started, other people see it and vote what they like more.”

It is an entertaining way to find out which concepts are more popular among the public at large. Less useful but entertaining. Looks like virtually anything can be compared.

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