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Big Idea! Event-driven Programming For The Masses –

Posted in design, internet, quality by aldorf on May 11, 2011

ifttt – Short for “if this then that”.
New Service with the potential to make a significant impact.

In today’s time-pressured world, people are constantly looking for ways to speed up their daily tasks. Hoping to help towards that end, we recently came across ifttt — an application that allows users to exercise their creativity in automating certain online activities. Ifttt hopes to automate digital tasks so that they can trigger a function for which they were not originally designed. This is made possible through a “trigger” and “action” model. For example, a trigger could be “If I’m tagged in a photo on Facebook”. When this occurs, it will automatically execute an action, such as “create a tweet on twitter”. Tibbets gives another example: “For instance, you can use Google reader starred items to share images on your Tumblr blog, or customize how and which photos from your Flickr stream show up on your Facebook wall.” These tasks can be turned on and off, with a maximum of ten being turned on at once. Ifttt ultimately relies on the creativity of its users to effectively automate their online activities. However, by making this a simple and intuitive process, Ifttt has the potential to make a significant impact.

7 Step Framework for Leaders by Deepak Chopra

Posted in blog, inspiration, quality by aldorf on April 28, 2011

(via Sources of Insights) Thanks JD Meier for sharing your insights.

7 Step Framework for Leaders by Deepak Chopra
If you can spell “Leaders”, that’s the key to remembering Deepak’s leadership framework.  Each letter represents a different aspect of being an effective leader:

  1. L – LOOK and LISTEN. Look and listen with your flesh – eyes and ears.  Look and listen with your mind – so you analyze the facts.  Look and listen with your heart — how do you feel about things?  Paint a vision.  The vision has to be compelling.  It has to be inspiring.  It has to be a story.  Deepak says we can get all the facts, but  what gives soul to facts is story.  The story has to authentic and it has to make a difference in our lives.    Without the story, facts remain clinical.  People are actually buying into a story, not the facts.
  2. E – EMOTIONAL BONDING.  Be comfortable with your own emotions.  Understand the emotions of others.  Use emotional intelligence.  Manage relationship in a way that fosters that bonding.  Deepak says that when people are emotionally bonded they are much more effective.
  3. A – AWARENESS.   Be aware of needs and know what’s needed here.  Deepak reminded us there are 7 levels of need from safety to survival to belonging to self-esteem to creative expression to hired consciousness to success.
  4. D – DOING.  Be action-oriented.    If you’re not taking action, then it’s just a dream.  Be a role model for action.  As a tip, Deepak suggests asking your colleagues, “Am I doing what I said i was doing?”  Ask for feedback.  Take calculated risks.  If you’re not going to task risks, then the story remains the same.  According to Deepak, the story only changes when you take calculated risks.
  5. E – EMPOWER YOURSELF.  Empower others.    One of the best ways you can empower others is by noticing their strengths.  Deepak pointed out that according to Gallup research, if you don’t notice their strength, they disengage.   If you criticize them, their disengagement goes up by 20%.  If you ignore them, it goes up by 45%.   If you notice a single strength, disengagement falls to less than 1%.
  6. R – RESPONSIBILITY.  Take initiative.  Take risks.  Above all maintain good health.  Deepak says that .leaders who are really effective are emotionally and physically grounded and stable.  That means getting good sleep, exercising, watching their diet, and they now how to manage stress.
more at Sources of Insights…
Deepak Chopra Live

“Storify” Your Social Media Life – Now In Public Beta

Posted in internet, Media, pioneers by aldorf on April 26, 2011
Image representing Storify as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase,  a company building tools to help journalists, bloggers and experts curate the real-time Web.

Storify stories have been viewed more than 13 million times on their site and across the Web since private beta launch in September 2010. They had 4.2 million views just in March.
Private beta users have created more than 21,000 stories. Storify stories have been embedded on more than 5,000 sites — including some of the most-read destinations on the Web like The New York TimesThe Wall Street JournalThe Washington PostLos Angeles Times, The Guardian, BBC, NPR, PBS, CBC and many other blogs and sites.

Apture – Search and Explore Without Leaving The Page

Posted in ideas, Media, pioneers, quality by aldorf on November 22, 2010
Image representing Apture as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Apture is shifting the way information is connected on the Internet. It’s about turning anything on a page into a link or doorway to more information. Everything is interactive. If you aren’t using Apture to browse the web, then you aren’t experiencing the Internet.

Apture Highlights gives readers the power to search and explore rich content and media from the web without even leaving the page. It’s a single line of code for your website. Installs in Seconds.

Chatroulette Explained In 357 Seconds

Posted in web by aldorf on April 9, 2010

Vimeo user Casey Neistat has done us all a favor. He’s created a 6 minute video that explains what the hell this Chatroulette site is, how it works, and why people use it. Watch:

Daytum by Ryan Case and Nicholas Felton

Posted in blog, ideas, Media by aldorf on January 12, 2010

Daytum helps you collect, categorize and communicate your everyday data.

Nicholas Felton has produced yearly tabulations of his life he calls “Annual Reports” since 2005. These collections of graphs and charts concentrate the year into statistical chunks that illuminate his life in a wry but rigorous manner that has become popular with readers around the world. Ryan Case provided the inspiration, insight and abilities to evolve the methodology of the Annual Reports into this new self-expression platform.

80legs, Webcrawling For The Masses

Posted in ideas, Media, web by aldorf on January 12, 2010

Web crawling means browsing and indexing online content in an automated fashion. Its most prominent usage is in creating the databases for search engines like Google, but it’s important for anyone who wants to find content on the web, such as a movie studio that wants to find pirated footage, or an ad network that wants to see where its ads are being placed. For now, the main options are to build your own web crawler, usually using your own data center, or to take advantage of online services like Amazon Elastic MapReduce, says 80legs chief executive Shion Deysarkar.

You just make your choices from several menus, telling 80legs where you want it to crawl and what you want it to look for, and it returns a data file with your results.

80legs can crawl 2 billion pages a day!

You can track your brand in every nook. You can initiate new data crunching initiatives that would never have been funded otherwise. The service is like having a “mini-Google” at your disposal.

80legs is also opening an application store, where developers sell apps that further refine the web crawling results. For example, Deysarkar says, developers could sell apps that perform sentiment analysis, look for video fingerprints, or analyze sentence structure.

Similar webcrawling tools are Crimson HexagonRadian6

Prezi – best online presentation tool

Posted in web by aldorf on January 3, 2010

It’s an entirely Flash-based app that lets you break away from the slide-by-slide approach of most presentations. Instead, it allows you to create non-linear presentations where you can zoom in and out of a visual map containing words, links, images, videos, etc. Check it out.

Google Wave

Posted in web by aldorf on October 22, 2009


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