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Great Leaders Are Great Storytellers

Posted in inspiration, quality by aldorf on March 15, 2011
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“The ability to weave a tale is among the most powerful elements in any leader’s repertoire.” Hollywood producer and Mandalay Entertainment CEO Peter Guber (“The Kids Are All Right“, Oscar nominee ‘Best Picture‘). Here are four that stand out.

Former President Bill Clinton

Though not technically a business leader, Clinton’s leadership skills are formidable. “He is able to glean whats in it for his listener get their attention and then their intention,” Guber says. “His authenticity of purpose enters the room before he speaks the first word. He charms them and disarms them and then rearms them with his narratives.”

Apple Founder Steve Jobs

“Jobs’ Job One is story,” Guber says. ” he knows his devotees can’t just be customers—he needs apostles for his products who tell his story as their own and move it forward. Look at the lines in front of his stores when he opens new products. After he tells his story, the reaction reminds me of folks waiting for a big movie opening.”

POM Founder Lynda Resnick

“Story is Lynda’s mantra,” Guber says. “If she can’t find the story she can tell in the product, she simply doesn’t sell the product. Whether it is POM Wonderful, the pomegranate juice, Get Crackin’ pistachios, or replicas of Jackie O’s pearls, her narrative wins the day and hearts of her audience.”

Under Armour Founder Kevin Plank

“Kevin uses stories to create the impression among athletes that wearing Under Armour beneath your game shirt is a way to drive and fulfill your aspirations as a competitor,” Guber says. “He takes a story about perspiration and brings it to the level of inspiration.”


Twitter List 141 People Who Run Social Media Strategies at World’s Biggest Companies

Posted in Media, web by aldorf on January 17, 2011

Thanks to Marshall Kirkpatrick for creating this list. Very useful and you are just one click away to follow all of them in one place. But he did something else that might be even more useful. Who do the largest number of these people follow in common? And this is Marshall’s top10 list:

Mashable, Charlene Li, Brian Solis, Chris Brogan, Robert Scoble, TechCrunch, Zappos, Guy Kawasaki, Forrester and Scott Monty.

Here’s a list you can use to subscribe to these accounts.

Super Marmite Wins “Most Original Startup” at Le Web 10

Posted in conference, ideas, internet, web by aldorf on December 10, 2010

Super Marmite, rewarded as one of the best start ups of the year. Super Marmite is a location-based social network the brings homemade meals to your doorstep. (CEO Olivier Desmoulin)

The jury elected Super Marmite as the “Most Original Startup,” Waze for the best technology, and for virality. TechCrunch covered the story here.

The jury was not able to decide on one company, and instead decided to take the three best companies regarding originality, technology and virality.


ROI of Social Media Explained by Gary Vaynerchuk

Posted in conference, Quotes Of The Day by aldorf on December 9, 2010
Image of Wine Library TV's Gary Vaynerchuk.

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“Whenever someone asks me of the ROI of social media, I reply that I’d like to discuss the ROI of your mom.”

(Gary Vaynerchuk at LeWeb’10 conference.)

Innovation Gone Wild: Cam Girl Barbie

Posted in film, ideas, web by aldorf on July 23, 2010

Make that weird and awful. Watch this video. It’s a bit long, but Paul Carr of TechCrunch is absolutely right in what he’s saying about this product. Mattel probably thought it’s a perfect combination of beloved Barbie and technology. But unfortunately the company did great product development for pedophiles. Now it’s pretty easy to record content in little girls bedroom. Exact observation and funnel of all innovation ideas is key. Even worth, how got this product through prototyping and testing?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Tonchidot’s SekaiCamera Presentation at TechCrunch50

Posted in ideas, web by aldorf on December 10, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

read an entire article about it here.
here is the techCrunch site
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