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Sink or Swim School of Engineering Talk by Instagram Founders

Posted in conference, inspiration, Media, web by aldorf on October 15, 2011

Co-Founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger were able to launch Instagram without being computer science graduates. Krieger is proud of this fact, as it shows students from other disciplines can start companies in the technology space. He recalls his most valuable Stanford courses as the ones that taught him to define questions and then allowed him the freedom to seek the answers. In this clip, fellow Co-Founder Kevin Systrom also talks about the importance of connecting with other members of the entrepreneurial community. (via ecorner)


New Insight on Recruitment by Cooliris Founders

Posted in innovation, quality, web by aldorf on December 18, 2010
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With 34 full-time employees and 25 interns, Cooliris has brought innovation into attracting the best talent. Here, Product Manager Josh Schwarzapel and CEO Soujanya Bhumkar discuss their company’s unique recruiting process for both engineers and interns. For the former, Schwarzapel sells the company to potential engineers during the interview as he would a VC – striving to get them excited, and giving away a small piece of proprietary information in the process. To find the best interns, the team identified and recruited well-respected and hypersocial “connector” students from top universities to evangelize the company and hand-pick the best available members of the “party team”. In short, Cooliris gives weight to finding the top talent across the board, whether they are board members, full-time staff, or unpaid innovators.

“Be patient for growth; don’t be patient for profitability.”

Posted in conference, ideas, inspiration by aldorf on November 30, 2010

“Be patient for growth; don’t be patient for profitability.” (Clayton Christensen). That’s the difference between a company with longevity and one with simply an interesting product says Thomas Prescott CEO and President of Align Technology. Watch his short video here.

Don’t Take Innovation For Granted

Posted in ideas by aldorf on June 19, 2010

Judy Estrin, CEO of JLABS.

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Learning The Practice Of Innovation by Josh Makower

Posted in ideas by aldorf on June 4, 2010

Another part of the previous posted lecture series around entrepreneurial thought leader at Stanford University.

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Want To Solve A Problem? Live Inside Of It

Posted in ideas by aldorf on June 4, 2010

Solving a problem is hard – but truly understanding a problem is even harder, says Josh Makower, founder and chief executive officer of ExploraMed, a medical-device incubator. The real trick, he notes in this Entrepreneur Thought Leader Lecture given at Stanford University, is to resist the urge to latch on to the first solution that comes to mind. Instead, live inside of the problem and analyze and understand it to the point of exhaustion. Only then, he says, will you be able to find an end result that is able to sway customers to your company. (via Venturebeat)

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The Biggest Mistake Startups Make

Posted in ideas by aldorf on April 16, 2010

Your startup might have the best product or service to come dancing down the pike in years, but that hardly guarantees success, according to Liz Tinkham, a global manager at Accenture. In this Entrepreneur Thought Leader Lecture given last month at Stanford University, she argued, as odd as it sounds, the trick to success (at least, as you try to sell to big companies) is to ensure that your product is something mundane enough to fit into their complex systems.

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Stanford’s iPhone Orchestra

Posted in ideas, music by aldorf on December 5, 2009

Stanford assistant professor and entrepreneur, Ge Wang makes music with a mobile phone orchestra and iPhone ocarina. News Article

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