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Tangible Computing – Making Mobile Phones Stiff, Scratchy & Stubborn

Posted in conference, design, innovation by aldorf on October 18, 2011

Fabian is a Berlin-based design researcher, working with Deutsche Telekom Laboratories. He is currently engaged in his PhD thesis about Tangible User Interfaces in mobile phones.

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Viva la Love!

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“Against Dumb” by Smart Car or “Be Stupid” by Diesel?

Posted in Animation, film, inspiration by aldorf on February 23, 2011

Really Successful – Only If You Are Just A Bit Smarter Than Average

Posted in your take on... by aldorf on August 19, 2010

I don’t know where I found this little piece of information, but it’s an interesting thought,

“People who are really successful are not the ones who are most intelligent. Really successful people are just a little bit smarter than the average. Thats exactly what the average person still get. everything that’s more intelligent is too smart.”

Tomorrows Packaging – Nanochromics

Posted in design, ideas, Media by aldorf on June 1, 2010

“Smart packaging” as it has come to be known would interact with the user, perhaps providing nutritional information or play some cartoon. But when one considers you might be using it on a box of cereal that you would sell for a few dollars and then would get thrown out with the trash it hardly seems worth the expense.

But one can’t help but wonder whether we are seeing an example of a technology in search of an application. Where is the market pull for these types of printed electronics for packaging? I am not suggesting they don’t exist, but sorting out where that market pull is coming from seems at least as important as refining the technology.

Dr. David Corr, President and CEO of Ntera, is correct in his assessment; we are seeing a new era in the technology of printed electronics with the ability to now print “multi-layered components such as batteries, diodes, transistors, memory, solar cells and displays.”

(by Dexter Johnson)

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Smart Chess Game

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