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The Startup Genome Report – Patterns Of Successful Internet Startups

Posted in innovation, internet, pioneers, quality by aldorf on May 30, 2011
The Startup Genome Project team came together 3 months ago to attempt to crack the “innovation code” of Silicon Valley and share it with the rest of the world. They just released the first Startup Genome Report— a 67 page in depth analysis on what makes Silicon Valley startups successful based on profiling over 650 startups.
The report was co-authored by Berkeley & Stanford faculty members along with other contributors including Steve Blank, the Sandbox Network team & the blackbox team.

Few findings:

1. The value-add that investors claim to offer in an operational capacity has little to no effect.

2. Startups that pivot once or twice have 3.6 times better user growth than startups who pivot three times or more. Startups that never pivot under-perform startups that pivot once or twice.
3. Startups without a technical cofounder are 80% more likely to scale prematurely, have 152% less user growth and need 45% longer to reach product market fit than startups with 1 technical cofounder.
4. Founders generally underestimate how long it will take to validate a market by 100 to 200 percent.
Or benchmark your own start-up here»

Super Marmite Wins “Most Original Startup” at Le Web 10

Posted in conference, ideas, internet, web by aldorf on December 10, 2010

Super Marmite, rewarded as one of the best start ups of the year. Super Marmite is a location-based social network the brings homemade meals to your doorstep. (CEO Olivier Desmoulin)

The jury elected Super Marmite as the “Most Original Startup,” Waze for the best technology, and for virality. TechCrunch covered the story here.

The jury was not able to decide on one company, and instead decided to take the three best companies regarding originality, technology and virality.


Trampoline Systems – Best Tech Crowdfunding Example

Posted in ideas by aldorf on September 22, 2010
Image representing Trampoline Systems as depic...

Image via CrunchBase

“Don’t put things off by going to study for an MBA. Just dive in and start your business. You’ll soon discover if it’s what you really want to do.” (Charles Armstrong, Trampoline Systems)

Interesting fact: Trampoline is the first tech vendor to finance its growth through equity crowdfunding.

Trampoline Systems is an award-winning specialist in social analytic software. The company’s SONAR technology analyses business communications to map internal collaborations, analyse external relationships and report on critical performance factors. Dedicated solutions are available for salesforce optimisation, internal reorganisations and experise search.

A seven-minute film on Trampoline as part of BBC‘s Start Up Stories strand. The film covers Trampoline’s beginnings, our first experiences hiring and raising finance, and what advice we’d give to entrepreneurs thinking of starting their own company.

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