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John’s Phone – Meet the World’s Most Basic Glorious Cell Phone

Posted in design, ideas, innovation, your take on... by aldorf on December 6, 2010

John’s Phone is the world’s most basic cell phone. They have 5 colors to choose from and a limited Gold Edition. John’s Phone allows you to make and receive calls anywhere in the world: no frills and no unnecessary features such as a camera, text messaging and an endless number of ringtones. John’s Phone keeps things simple. Designed by John Doe Amsterdam, making the cell phone a unique piece of Dutch design.

John’s Phone is a large-key phone. It requires no explanation. Perfect as a kids’ cell phone and for older users too.

The back of the phone features a flap containing an address book and a pen.

More about John’s Phone here.


Max Richter: Music For Use As Ringtones

Posted in Media, music by aldorf on December 17, 2009

“Who says ringtones have to be so bad?”, an experimental collection of music for use as ringtones from German composer Max Richter. ‘24 Postcards‘, “the title comes from the idea that when a phone rings we have the expectation of news from another place – much as we do when receiving a postcard” (Max Richter).

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