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Attention To Detail – Product Design by Joey Roth

Posted in architecture, design, inspiration, quality by aldorf on January 9, 2012

In love with these speakers…



Digital Rube Goldberg Processor

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The Digital Rube Goldberg Processor is the outcome of a workshop The Product collective gave at the HfG Karlsruhe (Design School). The team was invited to give a 4-day Processing workshop for the communication design students there. Since they understand it is impossible to teach programming to beginners just within 4 days, they decided to focus more on the essential topics behind generative and computational design, to provide a grounded starting point for the students.

Jens explains: We first gave a quick introduction to the processing environment, thematically centered around the actual matter of generative design, namely digital data. Given the fact that any stored data is binary code in the end, it is the encoding and decoding algorithms that make digital data meaningful for us. To create an awareness for that, we came up with the idea of the rube-goldberg-processor (wiki). It is an potentially endless line of sub-processors that transform the same dataset from one state into another. Each group of students had a translate-from-to assignment, e.g. from moving image to sound. To make the steps more comprehensible for observers, the transfer was made in an analog way (camera pointing to monitor, microphone in front of speaker…) In the end, this obvoiusly led to an indecipherable outcome, but on the way, the teams had to negotiate basic “protocols” and concerned themselves with several techniques that are used in computational design.

The Product team provided the first step (image to text) as well as the last step, the flickr uploader. The rest was done by the students.

For more teaching by The Product, see

The Product a berlin-based spatial and media-related design practice. They conceive design concepts. They create installations. They animate surfaces. They design spaces. They develop objects. And they extensively think about the application and combination of technologies in meaningful ways.

Product or Customer?

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Shift – Increasing Number Of New Product Launches In Emerging Markets

Posted in ideas, your take on... by aldorf on December 7, 2010

China’s retail sales rose 18.7% year on year to USD 183 billion in May 2010.

China’s retail sales may outstrip those of the US by reaching USD 5 trillion in 2016.

52% of consumers whose annual income exceeds RMB 250,000 (USD 36,765) trust foreign brands more than Chinese ones.



Where Is My Cow?

Posted in design, food, ideas by aldorf on July 2, 2010

Winner Of The Design Awards 2010

Posted in architecture, design by aldorf on June 13, 2010

Min-Kyu Choi‘s ‘The Folding Plug’ beat off competition from some of the biggest names in global design and architecture to be crowned winner. It is set to go into production at the end of the year. Folding Plug H 264.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Playful Child Labor: Rideable Vacuum Cleaner

Posted in design, ideas by aldorf on June 1, 2010

(via webofentertainment)

Do Hit Chair, by Marijn van der Poll

Posted in art, design, ideas by aldorf on April 8, 2010

With the hammer provided and your own resources you shape the metal box into whatever you choose it to be. After a few minutes or hours of hard work you become the co-designer of Do hit.

See the designer make it on youtube

Hotel Soap You Should Steal

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Potato Powered Fruit Bowl

Posted in design by aldorf on February 23, 2010

by Siri Yran Student at Steneby, Sweden.

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