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Tangible Computing – Making Mobile Phones Stiff, Scratchy & Stubborn

Posted in conference, design, innovation by aldorf on October 18, 2011

Fabian is a Berlin-based design researcher, working with Deutsche Telekom Laboratories. He is currently engaged in his PhD thesis about Tangible User Interfaces in mobile phones.

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Mobile Internet Facts [Slideshare]

Posted in inspiration, internet, Media by aldorf on August 15, 2011

Facts and data around mobile internet and mobile applications that I researched and prepared a couple month ago.

News today, FWA is pleased to announce the upcoming release of: The App and Mobile Case Study Book (by TASCHEN) pre-order at


John’s Phone – Meet the World’s Most Basic Glorious Cell Phone

Posted in design, ideas, innovation, your take on... by aldorf on December 6, 2010

John’s Phone is the world’s most basic cell phone. They have 5 colors to choose from and a limited Gold Edition. John’s Phone allows you to make and receive calls anywhere in the world: no frills and no unnecessary features such as a camera, text messaging and an endless number of ringtones. John’s Phone keeps things simple. Designed by John Doe Amsterdam, making the cell phone a unique piece of Dutch design.

John’s Phone is a large-key phone. It requires no explanation. Perfect as a kids’ cell phone and for older users too.

The back of the phone features a flap containing an address book and a pen.

More about John’s Phone here.


Now open – Annual InnoCentive Video Challenge 2011!

Posted in film, innovation, web by aldorf on October 29, 2010

The Uniquely Prepared Mind”

InnoCentive opened their fourth Annual InnoCentive Video Challenge! It’s called The Uniquely Prepared Mind, where they ask you to demonstrate the idea that a uniquely prepared mind is capable of solving even the most demanding Challenges the world has to offer.

This year, $10,000 are guaranteed in awards for the best 30-second shorts that nail the 2011 Video Theme, The Uniquely Prepared Mind.

The first prize will receive a minimum of $5,000. Visit YouTube to see the 2010 winner and runners-up from previous years.

Clock is ticking! Check it out.

Read About My Personal 24hrs Unplug Challenge In The Huffington Post

Posted in blog, ideas, Media, your take on... by aldorf on September 29, 2010

Power Off = Less Power?

Frank Aldorf, Executive Creative Director of the marketing and business consulting firm, Hubble Innovations with offices in Los Angeles and Berlin, was the most recent person to take our Sabbath Manifesto “Unplug Challenge,” shutting off his cell phone and computer for 24 hours last weekend.

Even though Aldorf, 35, admits he is engaged with technology almost 24/7 to connect with business partners and friends, to create and shape ideas, and for fun, he found the experience of powering down to be “fantastic”.

Read full article here,

New Research: Charge A Cell Phone From A Conversation – Convert Sound Waves Into Electricity

Posted in ideas by aldorf on September 14, 2010
scheme of mobile phone

Image via Wikipedia

Scientists from Korea have turned the main ingredient of calamine lotion into a tiny material that converts sound waves into electricity. The research could lead to panels that can charge a cell phone from a conversation or provide a boost of energy to the nation’s electrical grid generated by the noise during rush hour traffic.

“Just as speakers transform electric signals into sound, the opposite process — of turning sound into a source of electrical power — is possible,” said Young Jun Park and Sang-Woo Kim, the two corresponding authors of a new article in the journal Advanced Materials.

“Sound power can be used for various novel applications including mobile phones that can be charged during conversations and sound-insulating walls near highways that generate electricity from the sound of passing vehicles,” the co-authors added.

Read full article here.

Google Goggles – Great First Step Toward Intuitive Search

Posted in Uncategorized, web by aldorf on August 26, 2010

It would be bad ass if these Goggles actually would have facial recognition.Google Goggles lets you use pictures taken with your mobile phone to search the web. It’s ideal for things that aren’t easy to describe in words. There’s no need to type or speak your query – all you have to do is open the app, snap a picture, and wait for your search results.Google Goggles works better with certain types of queries. Try taking pictures of books & DVDs, landmarks, logos, contact info, artwork, businesses, products, barcodes, or text. Currently, it’s not so good when taking pictures of animals, plants, cars, furniture, or apparel.For the best results when taking pictures, hold your phone in “left landscape” mode, as shown below, and press the on-screen shutter button with your right thumb.

Google Goggles is currently available for Android devices running Android 1.6 and above.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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