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Display Your Foursquare Checkins On Google Maps

Posted in Media, web by aldorf on July 23, 2010

Want to see your foursquare checkins on a map without a lot of fuss? Try this quick, easy method to show your checkins using Google maps.

  1. Visit your foursquare feeds page. Right click the KML link and copy it to your clipboard (don’t download it).
  2. Visit Google Maps and paste the link you copied into the search box. Hit enter.
  3. There is no step 3.

Your foursquare checkins will be highlighted with pins on the map. You can share the map with a friend by clicking either “Send” or “Link” at the top of the map. Be careful who you share the map with, though, because once they have the link, they’ll have access to your entire checkin history, both now and in the future (for example, don’t post the link on your website).

“I would love to save these foursquare feeds in discrete chunks like this for future reference. Someone sends me an email saying “what did you do that was fun in Zurich?”. I could simply send them this list of checkins. So simple, so easy, so useful. I love it.” (Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures)

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