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Rage Against The Machine #1 In The U.K. This Christmas

Posted in Media, web by aldorf on December 21, 2009

Thanks to a Facebook group they made it to the very top with their ’92 single “Killing in the Name”. Power to the people. Social networking at its best. It’s possible if you are relevant. 450.000 members in just two weeks of existence. Good job. Emily Henry writes in her article “…In the campaign for Rage Against the Machine to get the Christmas No.1 spot, a salute is owed to Facebook for its ability to organize the disorganized. Simon Cowell and his music manufacturing machine have been reminded of the fact that no one man decides the fate of the music industry. It is a democratic process. “The silent majority has spoken,” said my 15-year-old brother via his Facebook status. Rage has been accomplished against the machine. At least, that’s the idea, right?…” Read the full story at huffington post.

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