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On the Edge – Seven on Seven Event 2011 by Rhizome

Posted in Animation, art, conference, design, inspiration, Media by aldorf on June 2, 2011

Seven on Seven by Rhizome. Just Inspiring to see great collaboration between very talented people and the field of art and technology.

First video I had to watch was a collaboration between Zach Lieberman and Bre Pettis,

Start-Up Young Urban Farmers Helps Manage Your Backyard Veggies

Posted in architecture, food, ideas by aldorf on May 31, 2010

Toronto-based startup, Young Urban Farmers, are changing the way urbanites eat, one backyard at a time. Fresh university graduates Chris Wong, Nancy Huynh, and Jing Loh noticed an underserved market in terms of people looking to set up vegetable gardens but not knowing where to start. They threw together a business plan, went door-to-door marketing (in addition to social media use) to garner attention, and now, the green-friendly small business is really starting to take off. (via The Globe and Mail)

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