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Daytum Founders Hired by Facebook

Posted in design, internet, Media, quality, web by aldorf on April 30, 2011

Facebook continues to expand its crack team of creative types with the hiring of Nicholas Felton and Ryan Case. The duo displayed their knack for beautiful data visualization with recent project Daytum, an eye-catching app that transforms mundane daily goings-on into fancy charts.

Felton and Case relocated to San Francisco to join a newly assembled team in Facebook’s creative division that includes recent hires like former Google Labs employee Ji Lee and Mark Darcy, formerly of Time Warner Media Group.

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Daytum by Ryan Case and Nicholas Felton

Posted in blog, ideas, Media by aldorf on January 12, 2010

Daytum helps you collect, categorize and communicate your everyday data.

Nicholas Felton has produced yearly tabulations of his life he calls “Annual Reports” since 2005. These collections of graphs and charts concentrate the year into statistical chunks that illuminate his life in a wry but rigorous manner that has become popular with readers around the world. Ryan Case provided the inspiration, insight and abilities to evolve the methodology of the Annual Reports into this new self-expression platform.

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