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Forever Bicycles :::: New Installation by Ai Weiwei

Posted in architecture, art by aldorf on January 11, 2012

Real World Infographics in 3-D

Posted in design, illustration, photography by aldorf on April 27, 2011

Infographics in 2-D are great, but real life, 3-D infographics are even more mesmerizing and interesting. Jose Duarte, a graphic designer, has been using found physical objects to present his data findings. For example, the balloons you see above represent the amount of Internet users there are in (from left to right) China, Europe, India, Brazil, Mexico, and Portugal. (via Holy Kaw!)

Forbes – Great Insights – Interviews of 15 Top Business Leaders in China

Posted in ideas, inspiration by aldorf on January 29, 2011

Forbes blogger Cheng Zhu gets privileged insight into the minds of Chinese CEOs by interviewing 15 top business leaders in China. He finds three “perspective-taking practices” that help lead change. Here’s just one:

First, reframe. The two-character Chinese word for business, sheng yi, literally means “create new meanings.” Business, according to the Chinese CEOs I interviewed, starts with seeing what is and what it can be. They constantly present themselves, in effect, with the framing question “What image do I see in my mirror?” and the reframing questions “How might I see it differently?” and “What am I blind to?” Those questions help them continually reframe and reinterpret what lies before them, behind them and within them. They clarify their passions, redefine their strengths and reinvent their business approaches. Full story at (via Alltop)

Shift – Increasing Number Of New Product Launches In Emerging Markets

Posted in ideas, your take on... by aldorf on December 7, 2010

China’s retail sales rose 18.7% year on year to USD 183 billion in May 2010.

China’s retail sales may outstrip those of the US by reaching USD 5 trillion in 2016.

52% of consumers whose annual income exceeds RMB 250,000 (USD 36,765) trust foreign brands more than Chinese ones.



Biofueled Flights by 2025?

Posted in ideas, innovation by aldorf on October 29, 2010

According to the Wall Street Journal, Boeing is cooperating with Air China to test a commercial jet using biofuel produced in China. The biofuel is based on Jatropha, a thorny wild green shrub growing in hot climates.  PetroChina, foreseen as the fuel supplier, is already growing the plant in southern China. In addition to costly modification to airplanes there are some worries that biofuel could freeze before reaching cruising altitude – a claim dismissed by the industry.


In this regard, if you haven’t done it yet, watch “A Crude Awakening”/The Oil Crash

“Living City” How Buildings Can Talk To Each Other – Yang Soo

Posted in architecture by aldorf on September 23, 2010

If you are interested in architecture and planning future city, Yang Soo’s presentation is spot on. He speech “Living City” is about buildings that can “talk” to each other. It’s about Sensors integrated into the urban fabric and how they transmit information about local conditions to a network of other buildings. Yang’s work is very interesting as it shows how the city can be seen as a research lab.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Nokia’s ‘Calling All Innovators 2010’ – Winners announced

Posted in ideas by aldorf on September 20, 2010

The winners of the global Calling All Innovators contest were announced on 15 September 2010 at the 2010 Nokia Developer Summit in London. Congrats to

Eco/Being Green category

Entertainment category

Productivity category

  • Winner: BlogRadio by BlogRadio (United States)
  • First Runner-up: Ansel-A by Kristopher Kantor (United States)
  • Second Runner-up: PlanEasy2D by InfiMatra Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (India)
  • Third Runner-up: WakeUp by Roland Michelberger (Hungary)

Life Improvement category

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