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How To Pitch Your Company Idea In 5 Minutes

Posted in ideas by aldorf on August 20, 2010

How is your company pitch?

If you are able to sell your company idea in 5 minutes you have much better chances in today’s competitive funding climate. You need to make your point fast, elegantly and succinctly.

To check how good you pitched your idea just answer these simple questions: Was my audience inspired? Are they able to acurately re-tell my story?

1) Be clear and candid about how your company will achive success in the face of competition. Be honest with yourself. You can have a compelling presentation even if your company isn’t  a “one and only” unique idea. By proactively addressing foreseeable roadblocks your company may face you gain trust and build credibility.

Critical questions to answer during your presentation include:

a) What is the company vision?

b) Do you have a five-year plan in place? If not, a concrete vision for the immediate future and why it’s crucial for the current market will do it.

c) What is the problem being addressed? What’s wrong with the status quo and without your product, how are people operating today? Use real world examples and sound bites that make your product memorable

d) Where does your company fit in the market? Regardless of whether you offer a physical product, a software feature,

application, or platform, you should candidly define that market reality, and present sales and marketing plans to back up

your model. Why will you win versus the competition? If you win, who loses or what changes?

2) Present the facts. Crucial to include: overall market size for your product today, list of competitors, your basic business model, how much funding you have raised (if any), names key team members and micro-bios

3) Be passionate. Tell your story with emotion and energy.

The Basic Pitch Outline

Following is a sample outline many successful startup presentations follow. To make it work and worth 5 Minutes use short video clips, images, graphics, and minimal text. You should mostly speak to each of the points below, using graphics to reinforce your spoken words.

Headline (your vision)

Company Purpose (short and sweet)

Problem (customer pain)

Solution (value prop to customer – great to add real customer stories)

Why Now (history and evolution)

Market Size (who are your target customers)

Competition (honest list)

Product (description and road map)

Business Model (revenue, pricing etc.)

Customer Acquisition plan (marketing and sales)

Team (founders & management)

4) Just five minutes to stand out from the other presenting companies!

5) Best company pitchmen aren’t salespeople. They are great storytellers!

(by Chuck Dietrich CEO of SlideRocket via VentureBeat)

11 Ideas – How To Give A Great Speech

Posted in ideas, your take on... by aldorf on August 19, 2010
Audience during my Wikimania talk

Image via Wikipedia

(via Bolt|Peters)

1) Start on time and finish early. It shows respect for peoples time.

2) Skip long introductions. If you like to give contextual background information, do it at the relevant part of your talk.

3) No intro slides at all. It feels wrong but it works great.

4) Before you even say hello, give your audience something of value. A nugget of information.

5) Don’t sacrifice content for jokes or funny slides. It’s the real meat of your presentation.

6) Don’t dumb down information. Your audience is not stupid.

7) Reference specific work examples.

8) Do not make any editorial notes during your talk (“sorry, this slide is hard to read”). Avoid editorializing. It just takes focus away from the content and will interrupt peoples experience.

9) Avoid phrases like “…more in detail later”. It pulls the audience right out of the talk. And the current becomes less interesting and important. Another form of editorializing.

10) Stories make great talks. If something is boring content, build a story around it.

11) Stop anticipating questions your audience might have. Leave it to the Q&A. Don’t include answers in your presentation already.

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