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First Camera-Phone Image From 1997

Posted in Media, photography by aldorf on November 1, 2011

First camera-phone image taken by Philippe Kahn at the birth of his daughter Sophie on June 11, 1997 and wirelessly shared with more than 2000 people around the world instantly.

Mobile Internet Facts [Slideshare]

Posted in inspiration, internet, Media by aldorf on August 15, 2011

Facts and data around mobile internet and mobile applications that I researched and prepared a couple month ago.

News today, FWA is pleased to announce the upcoming release of: The App and Mobile Case Study Book (by TASCHEN) pre-order at


Nokia’s ‘Calling All Innovators 2010’ – Winners announced

Posted in ideas by aldorf on September 20, 2010

The winners of the global Calling All Innovators contest were announced on 15 September 2010 at the 2010 Nokia Developer Summit in London. Congrats to

Eco/Being Green category

Entertainment category

Productivity category

  • Winner: BlogRadio by BlogRadio (United States)
  • First Runner-up: Ansel-A by Kristopher Kantor (United States)
  • Second Runner-up: PlanEasy2D by InfiMatra Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (India)
  • Third Runner-up: WakeUp by Roland Michelberger (Hungary)

Life Improvement category

Chomp, Yelp for iphone apps

Posted in Media, web by aldorf on January 23, 2010

Chomp lets you make simple app recommendations and then studies your tastes to help you find other ones. In its first week, accumulating 110,000 reviews. The four-person team behind Chomp got it into the top 25 free apps for social networking in the iTunes store, which helped propel more downloads throughout the rest of the week. Chomp makes the review process fairly lightweight — you “like” and “dislike” apps with heart and broken heart icons and you can add tiny 60-character long reviews. by Nokia

Posted in ideas by aldorf on January 18, 2010

The Nokia Growth Economy Venture Challenge is awarding the entrant with the best idea for the emerging markets a $1 million investment from Nokia.

They have fielded lots of local teams to research markets around the world and have found that Nokia needs to help make local solutions viable to increase phone usage. The world’s biggest cell phone maker has sold more than 750 million basic phones in the emerging markets over the last five years. The 1616, costs around $32, a month’s wage in many countries. Yet it sells in huge number, thanks to customized services that makes it far more useful in emerging markets. In India, Nokia has set up a system, Progress Project, to allow small business (like farms) to send transactional data back and forth via text message. So whole businesses are running on cell phones, with farmers in rural areas able to auction off onions in western India. Nokia Money service brings together payments on a global scale. It isn’t tied to a single bank, carrier, or country. It’s important because 75 percent of the world’s people still haven’t sent an email. The company hopes that developers will create many more apps that can be useful in different regions of the world, from Sesame Street educational phone apps to local business directories. (CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo at CES)

It’s 2010, Get Organized

Posted in web by aldorf on January 5, 2010

Some nice tools and apps so you don’t start into another messy year. Come on, you can do it, and here is how.

Things: A must for Mac users. Great task management tool to keep you focused.

Evernote:  I already featured it. Good to save your ideas and inspiration seamlessly and integrated between all platforms. Very handy and one of the must have in 2010.

Socialite: It gathers in one neat and organized app all Twitter and Facebook messages, Flickr Streams and RSS Feeds. Easy acces, editing, and reading.

Ommwriter: “Writing is a beautiful way to chase great ideas.” This one here helps you to focus. Omniwriter is the zen way of writing. Watch this intro video.

1Password: Stores and organizes all passwords in a secure way. It synchronizes with the Iphone.

Speed Download: ftp and download manager (name says it all)

Billings: Invoicing and Time Billing App. for all you freelancers out there.

Focus Booster: A time management app based on the Pomodoro Technique.

…2010: The future is ours.

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