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The How of Happiness

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50% of your happiness is said to be come from your genes. Where does the other 50% come from? Here’s the shocker: it’s been scientifically proven the material affluence only makes up for 10% of happiness. That includes how much money you make, your marital status, what kind of car you drive, etc…

Where does the other 40% come from then? Well that’s supposed to be the solution. These are the things you can control on a daily basis, like how you behave, what you think, and the types of goals you set. 

Here are 12 happiness-generating activities:

1. Expressing gratitude

2. Cultivating optimism

3. Avoiding over-thinking and social comparison

4. Practicing acts of kindness

5. Nurturing social relationships

6. Developing strategies for coping

7. Learning to forgive

8. Increasing flow experiences

9. Savoring life’s joys

10. Committing to your goals

11. Practicing religion and spirituality

12. Taking care of your body

(Book: How of Happiness: “A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want” by Sonja Lyubomirsky)

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