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Forbes – Great Insights – Interviews of 15 Top Business Leaders in China

Posted in ideas, inspiration by aldorf on January 29, 2011

Forbes blogger Cheng Zhu gets privileged insight into the minds of Chinese CEOs by interviewing 15 top business leaders in China. He finds three “perspective-taking practices” that help lead change. Here’s just one:

First, reframe. The two-character Chinese word for business, sheng yi, literally means “create new meanings.” Business, according to the Chinese CEOs I interviewed, starts with seeing what is and what it can be. They constantly present themselves, in effect, with the framing question “What image do I see in my mirror?” and the reframing questions “How might I see it differently?” and “What am I blind to?” Those questions help them continually reframe and reinterpret what lies before them, behind them and within them. They clarify their passions, redefine their strengths and reinvent their business approaches. Full story at (via Alltop)

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