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A World With Guaranteed Privacy Or A World In Which There Are No Secrets? If The Answer Is Somewhere In Between, How Do We Draw The Line?

Posted in internet, Media, your take on... by aldorf on December 24, 2010

(via Edge).

Interesting related article about a free Internet by Steve Wozniak

Do Schools Kill Creativity? An Education by Sir Ken Robinson

Posted in Animation, ideas, your take on... by aldorf on December 24, 2010

Great graphic recording of a talk at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

c60 Redux – Touch Your Digital Music

Posted in design, innovation, Media, music by aldorf on December 21, 2010

by IDEO’s Design Director Martin Bone and Materials Scientist Kara Johnson.

The concept behind the C60 Redux is this: We’ve gone from handling vinyl, tapes and CD‘s to clicking on MP3’s, losing tactility in the process and making a casualty of the mix tape. Is it possible to bring that back in a digital way? Bone, Johnson, and a group of IDEO designers endeavored to do so by creating a music player built with RFID readers and some Arduino Mini Pros, all housed in a record player case. See for yourself.

(via Core77)


Mad Presentation Skills – Epic Google Docs Animation

Posted in Animation, design, ideas, inspiration, Media by aldorf on December 20, 2010

See the presentation (and wait for it to load – the file is heavy!): | 3 animators. 3 days (sort of). 3 Locations. 1 Google Doc.

NYE in NYC? Check In To on Foursquare The Door Unlocks

Posted in ideas, inspiration, Media, web by aldorf on December 18, 2010 is the location of New Years.They made it so if you check in to on Foursquare the door unlocks. Well, not you. they. So you can’t steal their stuff. Made possible with Foursquare’s Alpha 2.0 API, a local push notification service, an industrial web-enabled relay device, some speaker wire, and knowing about electricity.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


New Insight on Recruitment by Cooliris Founders

Posted in innovation, quality, web by aldorf on December 18, 2010
Vodpod videos no longer available.

With 34 full-time employees and 25 interns, Cooliris has brought innovation into attracting the best talent. Here, Product Manager Josh Schwarzapel and CEO Soujanya Bhumkar discuss their company’s unique recruiting process for both engineers and interns. For the former, Schwarzapel sells the company to potential engineers during the interview as he would a VC – striving to get them excited, and giving away a small piece of proprietary information in the process. To find the best interns, the team identified and recruited well-respected and hypersocial “connector” students from top universities to evangelize the company and hand-pick the best available members of the “party team”. In short, Cooliris gives weight to finding the top talent across the board, whether they are board members, full-time staff, or unpaid innovators.

Beautiful! AVEC Project by Praline Design Studio

Posted in architecture, design by aldorf on December 17, 2010


A collaboration between Praline Design Studio and the RSHP Model Shop. The project has evolved over time from architectural floor plates to font, from font to model, from model to 3D letters, to photographs, to text and a neon sign. An actual font called AVEC was created and exists in three weights: Floorplay, Mezzanine and Facade. The whole process has been recorded, which brings the 4th dimension of time. All these elements were installed as an exhibition at the A Foundation in London in January 2010. All models and photographs: Mike Fairbrass. More on this project here.



Super Marmite Wins “Most Original Startup” at Le Web 10

Posted in conference, ideas, internet, web by aldorf on December 10, 2010

Super Marmite, rewarded as one of the best start ups of the year. Super Marmite is a location-based social network the brings homemade meals to your doorstep. (CEO Olivier Desmoulin)

The jury elected Super Marmite as the “Most Original Startup,” Waze for the best technology, and for virality. TechCrunch covered the story here.

The jury was not able to decide on one company, and instead decided to take the three best companies regarding originality, technology and virality.


ROI of Social Media Explained by Gary Vaynerchuk

Posted in conference, Quotes Of The Day by aldorf on December 9, 2010
Image of Wine Library TV's Gary Vaynerchuk.

Image via Wikipedia

“Whenever someone asks me of the ROI of social media, I reply that I’d like to discuss the ROI of your mom.”

(Gary Vaynerchuk at LeWeb’10 conference.)

News From My Shopping Cart – You Don’t Need Glasses

Posted in ideas by aldorf on December 9, 2010

Elderly will outnumber children by 2050 in most parts of the world (read more). My local grocery store made first adjustments to their carts. I think a great idea not only for old people but for those who left their glasses at home or don’t have this iphone app.

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