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Fashism – Get Fashion Feedback Before Making a Purchase.

Posted in ideas, pioneers by aldorf on November 22, 2010
Ashton Kutcher 2008-09-09

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Shopping startup Fashism

The beta version looks really crappy but this New York start-up has just announced that it raised an angle round of funding led by A Grade Investments. The fund was created by actor/entrepreneur/professional Ashton Kutcher.

The New York startup offers a way to get fashion feedback before making a purchase. For example, if you’re not sure whether a jacket is a good buy, you can try it on, take a photo, ask how it looks on how, then read comments from other Fashism users. Fashism says its site has more than 40,000 registered users on its site, while its iPhone application has been downloaded 50,000 times.


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  1. JD Beebe said, on November 22, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    Hey Frank,

    Digging your posts. This one in particular is interesting because of the immediacy of the social media component. Getting the cloud to weigh in on a purchase makes sense- it does in so many other online businesses- but I’m interested to see how users react. I say this blindly having not fully looked into the site, but:
    1. Will the feedback be unfilitered or will it give analytics i.e. 6likes 4dislikes?
    2. Are there power users? It would be pretty great if you collected points for every purchase you “influenced”. Have a 85% influence rate, meaning 85% of the time the user sides with your decision, and you get deals. Fun way to work in advertisers, too

    Fashion has so many possibilities and I’m glad to see this one taking shape. Now, let’s start linking Fashion with other aspects of consumer life and it’ll get really interesting…

    • aldorf said, on November 22, 2010 at 6:19 pm

      I agree. Fashion is a great area to get crowds involved. I am sure they have some ideas in place once this thing is off the ground. There are many ways to think in activating people, building community and making it more game and fun.

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