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How to avoid 10.220.426 tons CO2 e This Year – New (free) Transformative Solutions App In Stores Now

Posted in ideas, web by aldorf on October 15, 2010

Are you part of the problem or do you want to become part of the solution? Here is an app that will help you find the right path.

Dennis Pamlin and his team developed a platform and mobile application that collects transformative solutions around the globe.

By knowing more about lower carbon options around us and actually using them more frequently we will avoid more emissions and help the planet to stay healthy.

A great idea we should all support and download to our mobile devices (it’s free). So far there are 56 transformative solutions tagged and populated. His team estimated that these ideas will help avoid 10.220.426 tons CO2 e this year. And by 2020 probably 1.265.711.558 tons CO2e.

I love my Hipstamatic app, but this one here is worth sharing.

It’s for our, and next generations, future on this planet. It’s about time.

watch short intro video


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