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Insights From Nokia World 2010

Posted in blog, ideas by aldorf on September 20, 2010
Pekka Kupiainen, Producers of Ovi Map Racing, ...

Image by Media Evolution via Flickr

Following some insights from last weeks Nokia World summit, London.

1) By 2013 over 800 million people will be using GPS enabled devices. It’s a space we intend to own.

2) Nokia announces ‘fightback’ in smartphone market

3) Social networking usage will double and navigation will increase by 90%, (via Vodafone Group)

4) Usage of mobile devices:  1/3 browse, 25% play games, 20% email, 15% social, 11% maps, 30% businesses (Vodafone Group data)

5) “Emerging Market Smartphones” will be a new category and an area of opportunity.

6) Nokia sells 260,000 smartphones daily. That’s far more than Apple and Android combined.

7) 2+ million developers globally work on Ovi apps (via Nokia data)

8) Ovi let’s you sell apps by geographic location AND demographic.

9) Nokia’s Ovi Maps is available in 78 countries and 46 languages.

A dig at Apple: “At Nokia, “connecting people” is more than a feelgood tagline”


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