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Posted in ideas, web by aldorf on August 19, 2010

Goodness 500 is a resource that will measure the degree of responsibility and social engagement of the biggest companies in the world for you. The site carries out a detailed analysis that takes into account the data that is available on the websites of companies as well as government databases and the reports of non-profit companies. All this data is then processed employing a proprietary algorithm, and a score that reflects corporate goodness is displayed.

Naturally, the site includes a ranking that details these companies that are leading the race. That ranking includes information on the market sector that the company operates in along with the contributions that it has done to charity, how equalitarian it is and the way in which its operations have affected the environment. That final aspect is measured by looking at the degree of toxicity that the company has produced, and how much it has actually released.

To me, the main asset of the site is how it educates the general public in a way that is free from unnecessary jargon and which also empowers people to make their own corrections and suggestions to the results that are provided. in their own words

“Goodness500 is a social enterprise that helps people assess the social responsibility of the companies with the most power to change the world.” gives you an instant understanding of which companies it is at when it comes to social responsibility and commitment.

Relevant question: Do the top spot holders change places frequently?


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