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TED – Headset That Reads Your Brainwaves

Posted in ideas by aldorf on July 27, 2010

Truly amazing technology. Such things, for example, open a new future for those disabled. But in the current state you need to have clear thinking and no distraction, that might be tough in real life.


A Pretty Good Day For Trees: E-Books Selling Faster Than Hardcovers At Amazon

Posted in Media, web by aldorf on July 27, 2010

(photo via

In fact, e-books took the lead three month ago, since which time Amazon says it’s sold 143 Kindle books for every 100 hardcover books. What’s more, leaving their physical counterparts in the proverbial dust, e-books have outsold hardcovers at a rate of 180-to-100 over the last four weeks. (via mediapost)

The news marked “a day for the history books — if those will even exist in the future,” quipped The New York Times.

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