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Infographic: What Colors Mean Across 10 Cultures

Posted in design, illustration by aldorf on April 30, 2010

Colors are probably the most obvious way that design varies across cultures. But the funny thing is that for most designers and companies, those color sensibilities often don’t rise past “Red is lucky in China; blue is soothing in the West.” That’s naive, as this superb infographic by David McCandless and Always With Honor shows.

The chart encompasses 10 different cultures, and 62 emotions (!!!). The cultures are represented by concentric rings, and the emotions are represented by slices of the circle. Thus, if you want to understand about Japanese color sensibilities, you read around the graph.

Produced for the book Information is Beautiful


1st Augmented Reality Flash Mob

Posted in art, ideas, Media by aldorf on April 30, 2010

organized by Sander Veenhof, a self-professed “New Media artist,” with the assistance of TAB Worldmedia. It happened on Dam Square, Amsterdam, Saturday 24th of April 14:00h

Every square in every major city in the world knows the ‘human statue’ phenomenon. On the Dam square in Amsterdam we’ve the following set of characters: a Darth Vader, a superman, a gladiator and some undecipherable sort of gothic characters.

Even though they have nothing to do with the city of Amsterdam, people go and have their picture taken with them on and off.

But not on the 24th of April! Then, the majority of people will be photographing the empty space beside Darth. Because that space will be occupied by virtual ‘human sculptures’, brought alive by Augmented Reality applications on iPhones and Android devices!

more photos, videos here.

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