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The First Crowd Sourcing App For Transformative Solutions

Posted in ideas, web by aldorf on April 18, 2010

Dennis Pamlin, Lift France 09 speaker (video) and former Policy Advisor at the WWF , launched “the first crowd sourcing app for transformative solutions”.

The app will be official next week. If people used this app more we would not have problems with volcanos (as we could have virtual meetings instead…;))

The 21st Century Office application allows people to:
• measure their CO2, time and money savings from new technology solutions for smarter office work
• share, geotag, use and rate ideas how to achieve a 21st Century Office
• see where in the world ideas were first generated and then follow to see where the idea has been used
• twitter and e-mail ideas and test results to challenge others to participate and work smarter
• build up a database that can be used to create tailor-made roadmaps for a transition to a 21st Century office
• see a short movie that explains the difference between a 20th century and a 21st century infrastructure
• and a few more functions…



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