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It’s 2010, Get Organized

Posted in web by aldorf on January 5, 2010

Some nice tools and apps so you don’t start into another messy year. Come on, you can do it, and here is how.

Things: A must for Mac users. Great task management tool to keep you focused.

Evernote:  I already featured it. Good to save your ideas and inspiration seamlessly and integrated between all platforms. Very handy and one of the must have in 2010.

Socialite: It gathers in one neat and organized app all Twitter and Facebook messages, Flickr Streams and RSS Feeds. Easy acces, editing, and reading.

Ommwriter: “Writing is a beautiful way to chase great ideas.” This one here helps you to focus. Omniwriter is the zen way of writing. Watch this intro video.

1Password: Stores and organizes all passwords in a secure way. It synchronizes with the Iphone.

Speed Download: ftp and download manager (name says it all)

Billings: Invoicing and Time Billing App. for all you freelancers out there.

Focus Booster: A time management app based on the Pomodoro Technique.

…2010: The future is ours.

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