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Sort Of Coal

Posted in ideas by aldorf on October 26, 2009


Just saw this on the weekend in Kopenhagen. Intriguing old/new technology. The amazing purifying quality of white charcoal. Here is what Louise Vilsgaard and Pernille Werner Lembcke of think about their project.

“Carbon is the basic element of life. All life is dependant upon the carbon cycle of the planet. That is the reason why White Charcoal, that contains more then 90 % carbon, is an essential element of our existence. We hope that its presence will remind us that our senses are the best navigation tool we have towards living a more positive, sustainable lifestyle.

We view White Charcoal with the same respect as the Japanese and Korean cultures, knowing that it has both infinite power and beauty. As we recognized that Charcoal was also used in our own culture for its absorbent and even medicinal properties, it inspired us to reintroduce Charcoal into our society as a purifying element, appealing to our senses both internally and externally, while serving as a gentle reminder to embrace what is natural and follow our innate human instincts.”

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